The vacuum sealer is mainly developed to preserve the food and it helps in increasing the shelf life of the food items like fruits, vegetables, meat etc. The interesting part is that it controls the growth of the bacteria which degrades and spoils the freshly prepared dishes after few hours. This is the amazing tool for the food lovers and the homeowners who want to store their favorite food items for many months.


Vacuum Sealer

There are different types of vacuum sealers available and the two important types are handheld and countertop sealer. If you want to store a small amount of food for the daily usage, then the best option for you is handheld sealer and you can open this type of bag easily.

The countertop sealer helps to store more food and it is available in the variety of sizes to store different items. Choose the sealer based on your needs and the size of the food items but it is necessary to choose the right type of vacuum bags for your sealer. In this article, you can get more details for preserving the food using the vacuum sealer.  

How the vacuum sealer preserves the Food

It preserves the food by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and other organisms. If the food contains these micro-organisms, then it will break down the food enzymes such as iron, chlorophyll, proteins, mineral and leaves the ammonia and other organic acids which spoils the color and taste of the food.

Eating such foods causes many health problems and it also affects the mechanism of the body. Fortunately, these types of organisms require oxygen to survive and the vacuum bag keeps the food away from oxygen molecules which halts the growth cycle. They can’t grow and consume the food.

Freezer Burn and Dehydration

The best property of the vacuum sealer is that it protects the food from the freezer burn and the reduction of the quantity of water from the dish. The moisture of the food gives the texture but once contacted with the environment it will evaporate slowly and it changes the taste of the food. The vacuum sealer does not allow the food to contact with the atmospheric air so your food will be in the good state.

When you keep your favorite dish in the freezer, the water present in the food particles becomes ice crystals and it will not spoil the food but it will reduce the original color, texture, flavor and taste. So it is necessary to seal the food in the vacuum bags which helps in maintaining the food texture.  


You can’t place the food in the room temperature for long hours, if you want to store the freshly prepared dish for more than 24 hours then try to store it in the freezer. The vacuum bag acts as the barrier between the atmospheric air and food items but anaerobic bacteria do not require oxygen to grow. In order to protect all the foods from this type of micro-organism, you have to freeze it in the zero degrees Fahrenheit and this process controls the growth of the bacteria.

Food Sealing

It is important to store the food for a long period and here are some tips to preserve your dish. The first step is to clean the food thoroughly before sealing it in the vacuum bag.

1) Meat:

When you buy the meat from the store try to seal it as soon as possible because bacteria will settle down on the food easily. If you store the large piece meat with bones, then it will cause damage to the bag. So cover the bone with the folded paper towel to prevent the vacuum sealer bag from any damage.

2) Vegetables

To extend the shelf life of fresh vegetables seal it after the blanching process and to avoid the generation of microorganism, place all the vegetables in the boiling water for few minutes, then take them from the pot and keep it in the ice water immediately. Allow some time to drain the water and then you can seal the vegetables.

3) Barrier Storage

If you want to store the food for more than one year, the small damage in the vacuum bag will spoil your dish. Once you seal the food, keep the package inside another bag and it will act as a barrier to reduce the exposure of atmospheric air.

4) Oxygen Observers

Take a small pack of iron powder and place it inside the vacuum bag to absorb the oxygen molecules. The oxygen observer will not affect the food color and taste.  

Bottom Line

The vacuum sealer plays the vital role in increasing the lifespan of your favorite foods and it also helps in preventing the food from any micro-organisms.

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