Are you finding difficult to store all your dried and liquid food items in a harmful plastic bag? Then make use of the Mason jar for perfect storing ability. Normally a mason vacuum sealer jar is used to provide the user with the chance for dropping out all air and seal a jar to preserve any kind of food items. The dried food items are usually vacuum sealed and safe guard in the mason jars.


Vacuum sealing a mason jars are specially designed with the group of kits such as hose, jar lid and other materials in order to heat seal the jar. Most of the people are not aware about the sealing and usage of Mason jar to store and preserve the desired food items for a long duration period. To overcome this kind of unawareness, I have highlighted some of the useful information tactics about the vacuum sealing process of the mason jars.

Sealing Feature Involved In Mason Jar

The Mason jar includes special type of vacuum sealing feature to safe guard the food items from throwing away. The vacuum sealer is highly designed with the special type of vacuum outlet port for pressure sealing feature to seal the jar with air tightened facility. It further consists of the vac sealer bundle attached to the air extraction tube implemented in the vacuum sealer for perfect sealing finish.

The vacuum Mason jar sealer also includes the hose of narrow plastic material to connect with the vacuum outlet port for sealing the jar mouth. One end of the hose is connected to the vacuum outlet port of the vacuum sealer machine and the other end is connected to the top hat like plastic material to be perfectly affixed on to the top of the Mason jar.

In general, there are two kinds of top hat sealing sized lid such as regular mouth shaped jar lid and wide mouth shaped jar lid to be perfectly fit over the Mason jar. The great feature hidden behind the usage of the vacuum seal mason jar is the reuse purpose. The mason jar sealing is not made up of heating and damaged like other canning accessories so it can be reused again and again for the user convenience.

Another important feature of this vacuum seal Mason jar is that it does not crush the content when compared to the bag sealing process. With this Mason jar usage, you can easily store the fragile and crushed type of food items easily without causing any damage. The main feature of the vacuum seal Mason jar is about the jar sealer attachments which make use of storing the unused oxygen absorbers to increase the food validity.

How To Vacuum Seal A Mason Jar?

The vacuum sealer is one of the well popularized kitchen appliances which are efficiently used for sealing the food items over any kind of accessories to preserve the food lasting in a longer duration mode. With the use of the vacuum seal Mason jar, you can able to easily store the liquids, dry foods and type of sauces in a jar for safety purpose with the air tight sealing facility.

This pressure type of sealing jar consists of the outlet port which is used to attach the accessories and tube with that of the vacuum sealer machine for perfect air tightened jar sealing. The tube used for connecting the jar to the machine for the sucking process to drop out all the air contain in the Mason jar within a fraction of seconds.

Steps Involved In Vacuum Sealing Of Mason Jar

There are several steps involved in the vacuum sealing operation for safe storing of all kind of food materials which will be a complicated process when compared to other plastic bag sealing process. For your better understanding facility, I have down listed the vacuum sealing procedure to seal the Mason jar as follows.

  • The first most things to start with the Mason jar vacuum sealing process is to prepare your favorite kind of Mason jar and then start to fill the jar with the desired food items. Make sure about the little bit of space to be left below the jar mouth and cover the mouth of the jar with the flat lid. Be careful not to use the metal ring of the jar such that some kind of dry food items usually drop through the hose to damage the machine.
  • After fill the desired food item, fit the jar sealing attachment with regular lid mouth or wide lid mouth. Be ensuring about the attachment to be tightly fitted over the closed mouthed jar in a downward direction.
  • Then attach the air extraction hose from the machine outlet port to the top of the jar. Check both the end for perfect and tight fitting over their outlet openings because the vacuum pressure does not create due to the improper fitness thereby refuse to tightened the jar in a proper manner.
  • After the perfect attachment, start the sealing operation with the required button option implemented in the vacuum sealer system. Select vac seal option to produce the air tightened pressure over the jar lid for perfect sealing finish.

Follow the above highlighted steps to seal your Mason jar with perfect air tightened seal for safe guarding all kind of desirable food items. This is the perfect way to seal a Mason jar and if you properly follow the entire features, procedures and steps, then you can able to seal the jar easily for food storing over a long period of timing safely. I hope this informative article helps you to seal your favorite food items in a Mason jar and if you need for more information about the best Mason jar vacuum sealing products, make some research about the best Mason jar vacuum sealing product reviews before purchasing.