The invention and innovation in technology have created various useful devices in the society. One among them is the vacuum sealers and they can be designed as handheld devices too. The Waring pro PVS1000 pistol vac is one among the handheld vacuum sealer that is useful and built up with various advantageous features.


This vacuum sealer is designed to compact and lightweight. It can be used with the hand itself and the sealing from this sealer is accurate and strong. This device is very effective and the performance offered by the device is high.


As mentioned above, this is a handheld device that can be used for sealing in various directions and conditions. This product has various important features, some important features of this product is given below.


The design of the warning pro pistol vacuum sealing device is similar to that of the pistol. This device is simple and compact and so it can be used for sealing at various angles and directions. The body of this device contains two main parts.

One part of the body is used for sealing operation while the other part of the body has charging port for charging the entire device.


This device has a nozzle which is placed at the front end of the device. The nozzle is powerful and it is used for removing excess air from the sealing bag. This nozzle in used as a vacuum pump and it eliminated the air within the bag.


As this is a handheld device, it has a high-quality durable handle with it. The handle used within the device is strong and it offers grip too. Further, the handle encloses the battery within the device.


The battery used within the device is charged with the help of external power cord. The battery is placed at the rear end of the device. These batteries are powerful and it makes the device t work continuously with high efficiency.


As this is a handheld device, it comes with the help of a durable stand. This stand is effective and it can be used for holding the entire device in an upright position. With the help of this stand, the device can be placed easily on the flat surfaces.


This device can be stored easily within small area because it has a compact design. The maintenance of the device is very simple. The two parts of the device can be removed and the handle is just wiped with a cloth. The nozzle is cleaned completely with water and other respective materials.


The working of this device is very simple and even the beginners can operate the device with higher performance and convenience. The first step is to take the necessary food items and things to be packed in a sealing bag. The sealing bag is then closed with the help of the zip lock. Now take the pistol vacuum sealer and then place the sealing bag in the nozzle of the sealer.

Now press the trigger and this will remove all the air from the sealing bag. Now the sealing bag is ready to keep the food materials fresh and safe. Now just store the sealing bag in the fridge or freezer. This will keep your food particles to stay fresh for a long time.


This is a portable pistol style vacuum sealing device that can seal various organic and inorganic components. The sealed foods can be boiled in the microwave and can be served immediately. The foods within the sealer stay fresh for a long time and even snacks and cereals can be preserved by this method. The sealed packs also avoid freezer burns and it also has the resealing capability with it.

Waring Pro PVS1000 Vacuum Sealer

Key features: nozzle, NiMH battery, pistol style handle.

Pros: easy to use, stores food effectively and avoids freezer burns.

The above mentioned are some of the important features and advantages of Waring pro PVS1000 pistol vacuum sealer. So try this device and share your views in the box given below.